Friday, June 08, 2007

Green Lake Plein Air

10" x 8" Oil on panel.

This painting is from a EAFA Plein Air outing to Seattle's Green Lake. When I think of Green Lake, I think of the walking, running, and bike path that circles the convenient sized lake. Here the path swings past the Bathhouse Theater. There is a lot of activity around Green Lake even on a rainy day. Green Lake is much smaller than White Rock Lake in Dallas where I grew up, but they are similar as a draw for outdoor exercise in the middle of a city.

It was a rainy day in Seattle after a long string of good weather. The oil and water were fighting each other on the panel, so it added some extra challenge. I really wanted to capture the wet pavement and the rich red of the tree next to the bathhouse. It is nice to get a post up here on the diary after my hiatus.