Thursday, September 28, 2006

September 28, 2006 - Maple Leaf

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Our property has some huge Maple trees on it. The leaves are just starting to turn and some early ones are dropping. Last year I was astounded by the size of these leaves. Many are bigger than dinner plates. I was so excited that I brought some in and said to my wife "I wonder what kind of Maple tree has these leaves." Checking the tree field guide at the library resulted in the revelation "Big Leaf Maple." Oh, duh.

Today I moved "en plein air" and painted a still life on the deck. (Outdoor still life, eh?) So, today's painting is an early falling yellow Maple leaf. I made it 8 X 10 to depict it life size. It has crazy green splotches on it. I am looking forward to more fall color around here even though we mostly have evergreens in the immediate area.

8 X 10 Acrylic on Canvas Board

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2006 - A Tribute in Light

The 5 year anniversary of the 9-11 attacks dominated my thoughts today. The media has concentrated on the story more this year. It was good to be reminded about some of the heroes of that day. Rick Rescorla’s story is one of the most powerful and was covered by print and reenacted in A&E’s excellent program about 9-11.

This year the weather cooperated and gave the Tribute in Light a wonderful sky. Here is my reaction to the day and various images of the 2006 Tribute.

This 8 x 10 breaks the "one rule of composition" by symmetrically dividing the painting, but I feel the static result works for this contemplative subject. The dominate sky with an extremely low horizon does follow “the rule” at least.

8x10 Acrylic on Masonite.