Friday, September 28, 2007

Miller River

7" x 5" Oil on mounted canvas.

As I have said before, "I'm working on my procrastination; I almost have it perfected." I had a whole week of time at home for painting and here is my first post. I do have some dovetailed drawers put together, but the painting blog does not really care about that. Well, enough self loathing...(heavy sigh).

Today's painting (well Thursday's really since the ol' satellite dish internet is a bit unstable lately) is a view of Miller River on the road toward Skykomish. The light really highlights the trees that are just starting to change at this time of year. I am looking for something to use for a larger painting, but this may not have quite the dramatic contrast that I am trying to find. It is at least on the list of possible subjects.

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J Matt Miller said...

James, thanks for the tip on shrinking my google buttons--I will definitely try it out. And keep up the painting! I know how hard plein air painting is. If you are ever painting up toward the San Juans...