Monday, November 05, 2007

Canadian Cyclocross Championship

The Canadian Cyclocross Championship was held on an appropriately cold and dreary day, but luckily there was no real steady rain. The event was held along the river in Kamloops, British Columbia. The course wound through a beautiful riverside park, using the sandy beach to make a couple of the run-up sections.

I started with a block in from my photo reference using Raw Umber.

I continued with blocking in the main colors on the figures and the background of sand and water. Right now, I am establishing the front wheel of the lead rider. At this point I have to decide how tight to complete the details. The major shapes seem right except for the front wheel of the second bike.

This painting is of the early leaders in the race. Notice that bib number 1 (Greg Reain) is leading the race as you might expect. (The numbers are assigned by the current UCI rankings for riders.) I finished up the painting over the next couple of days, stopping while the details were still fairly loose. Greg Reian finished up second to the eventual winner, Mike Garrigan (Number 4...who was somewhere behind at this point.)

16" x 20" Oil on gallery wrapped canvas.

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