Sunday, November 23, 2008

Van Gogh Self Portrait Nutcracker

8" x 10" Oil on linen panel.
In Private Collection

Fullerton, Ca.

This painting mashup is styled after the Van Gogh Self Portrait from the Chicago Art Institute. I saw this painting in person at the Kimbell in Ft Worth during my trip in August. It is a stunning piece that changes greatly depending on how close or far you stand. To execute this painting I laid it in from just the nutcracker. Then I looked to both the Van Gogh and the Nutcracker to finish it out. I must admit I did not paint as many little dots as Vincent did. That said, it still took a couple of evenings work.

So, I want to know from my visitors whether this painting is creepy or not. What do you think? It actually has grown on me since I finished it last night and I kind of like it.


dominique eichi said...

I think it is just beautiful, it has a richness that is wonderful. Very nice job

Sheila said...

Wow....I love this. Vibrant, whimsical and wonderful.