Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mulling Spices

7" x 5" Oil on GessoBord
$75 Shipping included.

Over Christmas vacation, we had several nice pots of mulled apple cider and other juices. Apple juice alone or mixed with CranRaspberry works great. We even tried grape juice mixed with the apple this year. The spices are what really makes the drink delicious, along with the boiling time. You can't rush the process of combining all of that good spice taste with the juices.

My choice of spices for today's painting are cloves, allspice, whole nutmeg, and stick cinnamon. They all go in whole except for the nutmeg which needs some coarse grating. The nutmeg is the big nut with the side shaved off. I can smell them now; of course, I have them right here...

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