Saturday, January 13, 2007

Vacation Ends


The photo above is me working on a daily wood sculpture for the blog -- just kidding.

I am finished with my Christmas vacation and will get back to regular painting tomorrow. I won't pull off long periods of daily painting this year due to an already filling travel schedule, but I hope to produce enough to keep you coming back. I had a refreshing vacation celebrating Christmas, my wife's birthday, and my son's leave at home before he deploys to Iraq again this spring. It is that time for Chinese new year resolutions and I have mine that I am taking to heart. My beard is even gone now!

The interesting story from the last week came during the tree cutting. A tree had fallen from its load of snow on our garage, causing some damage, so we were clearing out some of the other candidates. I was looking to cut a sickly pine, but my wife was thinking about another of the problem Alders. She said, "No, that one." So I even as I took my first step toward it... CRACK! It falls harmlessly; so does my jaw. I take it as a sign of God in our lives rather than a crazy coincidence. We have had a few others during our home building here.

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