Monday, January 15, 2007

Plein Cold Creek

10" x 8" Oil on panel
$125 Shipping to US included.

Today I walked down to the creek and painted this plein air piece. It was cold (for western Washington), I figure it was in the mid twenties. Snow was falling off of the trees above me and I fought the ice crystals and thick paint. I used more medium than usual just to keep the paint from freezing in lumps. I am glad to be in the warm house tonight.

I used a split complementary palette with a green primary. Purple and orange became my other base colors. Here is a picture of my palette.

I started the painting by sketching the darks with a red undertone.

After a couple of hours of work, including breathing hot air on the paint to soften it, I got to my stopping point. Of course, I spent some time packing up and looking for the cap to my painting medium that I had dropped during my painting process. Argh!

I am happy to say I found that cap for the tube of medium in my backpack when I got back to the house. Yea! Maybe tomorrow I will paint inside to give my cold toes a break.

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