Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October 4, 2006 - Old Cascade Tunnel

The Old Cascade Tunnel was completed in 1900 and is 2.6 miles long. It was replaced by a new 8 mile tunnel in 1929 which bypassed some serious snow avalanche areas. The old west side railbed is now the Iron Goat Trail. I had an enjoyable day going up US 2 to the tunnel end of the trail. The face of the tunnel has a marvelous collection of white and rust streaks. Half of the letters of the CASCADE name are broken off. Of course, a cool, wet breeze always flows out of these old tunnels, so I was chilled by the end of the painting session.

6" X 8" Oil on Canvas mounted on board.

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Todd said...

That is a very nice painting. I really am enjoying your work a great deal. I also looked up the tunnel on Google, and it has an interesting history. I live in western Maryland and we have several old rail tunnels running through the Allegeny Mountains. Keep up the great work!