Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Skykomish Depot

$135 Framed - shipping included.

9" x 12" Oil on stretched canvas.

This Skykomish train depot painting was started on Monday but obviously is more involved than many of my daily paintings, so it was not complete by the midnight hour. I wrapped it up in the early morning hours, so it is now Tuesday's painting a day. Good thing, 'cause I was out all day today. Here is the painting as it stood at midnight:

Monday was a nice sunny day. That was before the rain arrived Tuesday. Now we have a little snow on the peaks around Skykomish, but the clouds are obscuring them most of the day. It's time to start building that snowpack, but we like to keep that a little higher up the pass than Skykomish.

The train depot is a relic of the past. The railroad is still quite busy, but it usually does not stop in town. For some reason this train was parked in the yard and had the crossing closed, so the two sides of town were separated. That was inconvenient for me after checking my PO Box. However, it gave me a chance to click a few pictures with the train. I really liked the way the train receded into the distance and cast such nice shadows across the parallel track.

The power poles are also relics apparently; they really don't have the wires you don't see. Well, there are the couple that you do see. Anyway, not a artistic edit...this time.

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