Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October 3, 2006 - Through the Trees

Collection of Penny Heydt
Johnson City, Tn

Today's painting was started on Monday and completed in the early morning hours of Tuesday. It comes to you sponsored by some questionable judgment. The mountain in the picture is seen from the Barclay Lake trail near Baring, Washington. I hiked in without leaving enough time to get back out by sunset. The last mile of the trail had me literally stumbling in the dark. So, the painting was completed using my photo reference.

(You know how you should always pack food, water, flashlight, etc when you go hiking? Well, it works much better if you don't have them packed in the car. I really misjudged the time and distance for hiking to and from the lake. It turns out I didn't even paint the lake this time.)

The painting is a view through a gap in the trees caused by a rock avalanche. The mountain had a pink glow from sunset. (Hmm, sunset... see above.) The fall color at its base was very vivid. The painting was created with a limited palette as inspired by Kevin MacPherson's book.

6" X 8" Oil on Canvas on Masonite


Anonymous said...

I love the painting and even more so because of the story!! I have to have it!!! I am just thankful you came out alive! Penny

James said...

Thank you, Penny! It was alarming to be stumbling through the woods that night.

I hope you will enjoy having the painting in your collection.