Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two Eggs Over Easy

$75 Shipping included.
7" x 5" Oil on Panel

As a departure from the usual, the DailyPainters site will feature paintings of the subject "Egg" on Monday Dec 4. I decided on a visual pun for my take on egg. Travel over to to see some eggs on Monday, but you will also see a variety of other subjects just like everyday. If you visit often, you will come to expect the variety.

I love visual puns and enjoyed thinking up this subject for an egg painting. I have plans in the idea bank for more pun paintings. The interesting sidenote here is that we couldn't find any toy blocks around the houses, so I made some blocks for my still life setup. Then added a little imagination. I probably will do a little more touchup later today.

Here is a peek at my setup:

1 comment:

Jamie said...

hahaha! How EZ was it? Very clever, and good modeling of the forms. Love the blocks! This was a creative interpretation of the theme.