Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Vodka and Potato - Russian Impressionism?

$75 Shipping Included.
7" x 5" Oil on Panel

Today's Daily Painting is probably one of the great lost Russian Impressionist works. :^) Stoli propped up on a potato seemed appropriate, since some Vodka is made with potatos. The painting also needed a shot glass ready to go to work. I'm not really sure why we have a bottle of vodka available for painting, but someone in the household feels it is the best and smoothest vodka. That view is probably dated considering all of the new imported vodkas that fill liquor store shelves and magazine pages. Perhaps we are feeling a little Russian since our daughter has been speaking it lately...


Bert said...

Одтлично! Столи--это хорошая водка. Я люблю картина сегодна!

James said...

Partial translation:

Odtlicno! Stoli is a good vodka. I love segodna picture!

Didn't follow all your lingo, mate.

bert said...

Full translation:

Excellent! Stoli, that is good vodka. [Not that I'd know.] I loveasmuchasRussianscanlove the picture of today!

Vitold said...

Precrasno! Real Stolichnaia-Ochen xoroshaia Vodka! Itsa good Painting,I wish You come to My Art of Russia-Gallery in Orlando,Florida, We will paint twogether! Greetings-Vitold, http://www.artofrussia.net/