Monday, November 13, 2006

Coffee Jar

5" x 7" Oil on panel

I'm back to painting after an eventful week. We had serious flooding from many days of rain. Also, our satellite internet was knocked out during the heavy rain. We had some interesting days stranded and then studying the changes and damages to our creek. Snow is now finally arrived at the pass this weekend; if it stays cold enough, we won't have more flooding.

So, today's painting returns to the cafe theme. To make a good espresso, you have to freshly gind the coffee beans. That means you will have whole beans in a nice air tight jar. The jar in this painting is a McDonald New Perfect Seal (NOT a "Mason Jar"! Oh no.) You probably know it was Pat'd July 14, 1908. Well, that makes this a nice antique jar with a nice blue-green shade. You can see that it is time to go get some more beans too!

Here is a peek at the subject and painting with the underpainting completed.

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