Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Victor with a Snowface

$60 shipping included.
7" X 5" Oil on Panel

First of all, my Thanksgiving "vacation" was longer than it should have been; such is life.

You probably have seen the Snowstorm that the Seattle area experienced. The snowy field on Monday Night Football was crazy. Well, we had even more snow here in the Cascades and our dog loves it. His favorite part of having snow is catching snowballs. Today's Daily Painting is our Sheltie Victor with a nice face full of snow from catching wet snowballs.


Anonymous said...

wonderful painting -- really expresses your dog's personality.

Then again, I am partial to Shelties...see my blog: todays demo, and two previous paintings ("home alone", and "just chillin")

James said...

Thanks Rhonda. My family has always had Shelties. They are the best small breed.

Victor is the grandson of Jamie, the winningest Sheltie ever. Jamie won the working group at the Westminster. Anyway, Vic is a failure as a show dog, but that can start a series of stories on him...