Friday, November 03, 2006

Tea Ball

$50 shipping included.

5" x 7" Oil on panel.

I never played Tee-ball when I was a kid. They started with coaches pitch. This Daily Painting post is about a different kind of T-Ball. Today we continue with the coffee and tea theme.

I don't really have much use for a tea ball. They don't work as well as home filled bags or a strainer. Our fancy new tea pot even came with a nice custom strainer that fits inside and has a fine mesh that will not let any tiny leaf parts out. The old Tea Ball was a poor infuser that didn't let enough water pass through and didn't keep all of the bits in. Still, the tea ball makes a nice painting subject with its shiny surface and punctuated texture.

While I missed Wednesday, I hope to be back on A Painting A Day with this Daily Painting of a tea ball and a nice box of my favorite Twinings variety of black tea. I was introduced to that blue label by my Uncle when I was quite young. Ceylon became my favorite for its smoother taste. Today I mix it up a lot and there are many fine choices other than the Twinings tins as well.

So the trivia on this painting is: "What do you see wrong with the can?" Visiting the pantry is allowed. If I were to paint the subject again, I would correct the error, but I still like the result here.

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