Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Onion and Garlic

In private collection,
Dallas, Texas.

5" x 7" Oil on panel

Onion and garlic are amazing ingredients that sit between vegetable and spice. They are the start to many great recipes that make food worth while. Well, you don't even need a recipe, of course. I seldom work from such a formula anyway, but onions and/or garlic are a natural start for almost any main course. I tend to lean on garlic more than onions, but they are both usually in our kitchen. Since they are always around, they were available for today's daily painting.

The onion is a big sweet Walla Walla with a yellow-red outside skin. The garlic bulb has one nice plump clove separated and ready for chopping on my favorite cutting board/still life stage.

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Anonymous said...

this is terrific. love how they pop off the dark background, and also the composition and brushwork.