Thursday, November 16, 2006

Foster's Lager

In private collection,
San Diego, Ca.

5" x 7" Oil on panel

Today's Daily Painting is a Foster's Lager can. I wanted something that I could paint in a free and loose manner after the little picture of Seattle. So, like a painter who has had two of these big cans, I picked my old Foster's Lager can. It is nice and blue and shiny, but I woke up part way through realizing that all of that symmetry and print was not what I was looking for. Maybe I learned a lesson about picking subjects today... Still, it is shiny, you know.

This can has an interesting history. I have had it since my college years. I have good memories from that time of mini road trips from Dallas to Ft Worth. A group of coworkers would head to Angelo's Barbecue (still rated top 10) for pork ribs about once a year. These "rib runs" were traditionally mid-week and involved a lot of beer drinking for a weeknight. We would stop and pick up one of these Foster's for the van trip over (in days with more liberal Texas open container laws). That 24 ounces of beer really got your appetite up for a pound or two of ribs and pickles. This particular Foster's was saved as a souvenir of probably the last rib-run before our group broke up. It has faithfully served me for many years as a penny jar and now as a painting subject.

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